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You’ve clicked on untold dating sites and swiped on endless apps, but still, haven’t quite managed to turn a match into lasting love. If that sounds familiar, then this is the place for you.

Our Vision

Do you want to know the secrets of what it takes for a first date to actually blossom into a meaningful relationship? Well, BBC journalist and radio presenter Anthea “Love” Lee has the answers. She is offering a masterclass on how to make online match-making work for you. It’s simply called One Click to Love.

Anthea’s brutally honest online dating history lays the foundation for an event that will equip singletons with the skills to overcome their fears and to not throw in the towel too early.

Now an engaged mother-of-one, she will take you on the highs and lows of her personal journey and reveal how it took just one click to love.  She’ll share her many dating mistakes and mishaps, so you won’t repeat them.

This is the ultimate workshop with practical tips which will help you spot dating red flags and weed out the time wasters.


Anthea Lee was born into a Guyanese family in Hackney, East London.

At an early age, she knew that journalism would give her a creative outlet that she yearned. She’s now worked in Broadcasting at the BBC for nearly 20 years, both in the UK and abroad. She’s currently a Senior Broadcast Journalist and produces output for the Six/ Ten o’clock News and Radio 4’s Today Programme. In her social circle, she gained a reputation for giving friends dating advice, which resulted in her producing the One Click to Love workshop.

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The first of many

This is my chuffed face, moments after clicking the final slide, for the first ever One Click to Love online dating masterclass this August.My online dating journey has always been …