The first of many

This is my chuffed face, moments after clicking the final slide, for the first ever One Click to Love online dating masterclass this August.
My online dating journey has always been a catalyst for conversation over the years and a few months ago while on maternity leave, I decided I’m more than the ‘go to friend’ for dating advice. I actually felt compelled to produce a workshop, where I tell my personal online dating journey filled with top tips, red flags and golden online dating nuggets. It was a beautiful session, filled with my frank honest online dating tales on finding love and inspiring others.The most fulfilling feeling has been reading the feedback from attendees at the launch event. Here’s a few comments.

‘The real talk was on point, the post talk chat had interesting perspectives on the challenges of keeping it real online and the whole thing was about squashing the stigma of Online Dating.’

‘What a great workshop. Lots of good tips and anecdotal notes to support the road to finding happiness.
‘It was candid, light hearted and succinct.’

Very warm and funny host . Nice pace of presentation that made the audience feel very relaxed’.

‘The honest and open delivery of a personal experience was a nice touch. Very brave to do that and I think that’s what made it a unique and funny workshop too’.

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All the best and keep clicking to find love

Anthea Love-Lee
Founder of One Click to Love

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